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You are an answered prayer

Today marks Proverbs & Wisdom’s 2nd anniversary. And you reading this now — two years from when I first started — means the world to me.

Two years may not seem like a long time, but I hadn’t intended for P&W to become all it is. One night I just prayed to God asking, “Lord, you’ve given me the gift to write. So I want to gift it back to you for your glory. Can you show me how to do this? If I just touch one person’s life, I’ll be satisfied.”

Yup. Just one person was my true heart’s desire. So every time someone new is touched through Proverbs & Wisdom, it’s as if God is answering my prayer over and over and over again.

Which means that you, my friend, are God’s answer to my prayer.

You know, it’s one thing to have a business with one-million customers. It’s completely different to have a ministry where God entrusts people’s souls (and the ability to influence their eternity) in your care. Because even if your ministry consists of one person, that’s one person you are either bringing closer or further from God.

It’s overwhelming, yet very exciting knowing God has placed me where He has. I didn’t necessarily ask for, but He freely gave to me anyway. It’s a privilege and an honor to encourage you, to empower you, and to enlighten you on your walk with God.

I pray we have many more moments, and years, to come.

Ashley Ormon

P.S. Today is our magazine, IN THE LIGHT, first anniversary! I’d love for you to celebrate it with us. The issue’s theme is on health and in my editorial, I share a personal story of why I chose this theme. To read it, visit our magazine here.

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