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GIVEAWAY: Would you do something for God?

Would you like to do something for God? Yes. OK. Great. Activist Faith

Here’s what you can do:

  • Give him food when he is hungry
  • Something to drink when he is thristy
  • Clothe him
  • Welcome him in – (even if you consider him a stranger)
  • And of course, visit him in prison

Seriously. The Bible says it right here, in Matthew 25:35-40, that whenever we do for “the least of these” and take these actions, we’re doing it for our King.

That’s why three authors — Dan King, Daniel Darling, and Dillon Burroughs — collaborated to write Activist Faith: From Him and For Him. A book focusing on twelve, major social justice issues: poverty, human trafficking, orphans, war, abortion, immigration, emergency response, and the list goes on.

They understood unless we take action — and no, this unfortunately doesn’t include Tweeting, updating your Facebook status, or even talking about protesting alone — our words are lifeless.

The Bible tells us “faith without works is dead.” Therefore, we must actively use our faith to bring social justice and hope to “the least of these.”

Activist Faith authors confirm this by writing:

“The greatest agent of change in our world isn’t in the power centers of Washington, D.C., or New York; it’s in the hearts of ordinary believers transformed by the power of Christ.”

The awesome part is, God can use any and every one who truly desires to be used. God didn’t call pastors or writers, activists or government officials only to stand up for justice, he called everyone — especially those who are His children.

I encourage you to read Activist Faith, see in which issue God places you to take action, and use the book as a guideline (each author provides a list of ways to become active to fight these problems — along with Biblical proof that God desires for us to stand up for these people).

To help you get started, we’re doing a giveaway. Simply comment with a social issue you’re passionate about, or simply type “Activist Faith.” We’ll choose a winner on Friday (your choice of the ebook or print copy).

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