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Weekly Encouragement

The World’s Easiest Challenge

A word of encouragement goes a long way.


That’s something I’ve said before, and will continue to say because it’s always true. In times of trouble, or in times of joy, encouragement from others uplifts the spirit.

I had this impression on my heart to make this week meaningful and special. So, I challenged myself to encourage several people every day this week.

I even made a list, writing down the names of specific people who I’d encourage on a specific day of the week. (If I have your number, address, or email, your name just might be on this list too.)

Then I started thinking, how awesome would it be for my P&W family to join in on the challenge. Do you know how many people are struggling, hurting, doubtful, stressed, confused, depressed, and need someone — like you — to uplift them?

And there are countless ways you can encourage someone. Try writing them a letter and “snail mail” it. Send them a card, a thank you note. In this digital era, it’s easier than ever to Facebook, Tweet, or email someone an uplifting message. With cell phones abound also, you can always text or if you’re really creative, send a visual message to uplift them.

I decided to choose 2-3 people daily, but I’m only challenging you to choose one person a day.

Are you in?


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