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Why Jesus’ Ministry was Effective and Successful

You may say, “Well Jesus Christ was the Son of God, of course His ministry was prosperous”, but it was also prosperous for a reason. While studying the life of Jesus, there are several things God brought to my attention, all which help explain why His ministry was effective.

1. God First

In everything Jesus did He put God first. You’ll notice that He prayed often, thanked God, and always sought to do the will of His father. Have you noticed how many times Jesus said “Father” and “God” in the Bible? Quite a lot. Christ even instructed us to put God first stating that when we do, everything else will be added to us (Matthew 6:33). By putting God first, Christ laid the foundation for His ministry and afterward, everything He needed to execute it well was given to Him by God.

2. Mission

Jesus had a mission and He knew God had a plan for His life. Even before He hung on the cross to redeem us from sin, He taught people how to live righteously; this way, when the time came that we could be completely redeemed we would know how to walk in righteousness.

While Christ taught many lessons and preformed many miracles, all of it supported the mission He set out to accomplish. Christ made sure all He said and did pointed directly to God.

In Your Ministry…

Do you have a mission? And if you do, is it God’s mission? When you do have one established, don’t lose focus. Jesus didn’t. He was constantly aware of what He had to do.

3. Humility

Despite all the authority and power Jesus had from God, He remained humble. Christ, still in the flesh, was more capable and higher than the angels in Heaven. His title “King of kings” and “Lord of lords” came directly from God. He didn’t need a minister or pastor to ordain Him. In the midst of it all though, He lived His life in complete humility, recognizing that it was only because of God that He was able to do what He did (John 5:19). He never boasted unless it was about God and He never took advantage of His authority for His own glory. He used the gifts and blessings God gave Him only to do God’s will and complete the task before Him.

In Your Ministry…

When God has blessed you with gifts or talents or ordained you with a title are you humble? Do you take advantage of situations just because you can? Remain humble and God will honor you. Remember that with pride comes a heavy fall.

4. Blessed His Enemies

When Jesus sought out opportunities to bring glory to God He found them and used them. Not only did He seek these opportunities but He turned unrighteous situations into righteous ones by glorifying God in them. When others did Him wrong, He blessed them; when the Pharisees judged Him, He graciously corrected them; while He was on the cross, He ministered to the two criminals beside Him that cursed Him. Christ didn’t allow His enemies to harm Him and distract Him from His mission. Instead, He brought out God’s glory in the midst of “bad” circumstances.

In Your Ministry…

When people come against you and your ministry how do you respond to them? Do you try to shed light in dark situations? The people you meet while trying to do your ministry and promote it won’t always welcome you with open arms. Make sure that you don’t allow them to bring you down. Use the situation to glorify God.

5. Unity within the Body

Jesus’ ministry didn’t only consist of Himself. He had a team—twelve to be exact—that were chosen to help Him reach out to others. He taught these men what to do and how to do it; this way, when He wasn’t around they could still promote God’s love effectively.

In Ministries…

In (some) of today’s ministries I don’t see this. Leaders withhold information from those helping because they want to “know it all”.  Jesus raised leaders. While He had followers, He worked with them in order for them to teach others. So many ministries don’t do this. They don’t raise up leaders or train those “followers” to become better people. They keep them crippled. Jesus didn’t believe in doing this. In Mark 9 Jesus’ disciples came to Him when they couldn’t cast out a demon from a little boy. Christ replied saying, “How long shall I stay with you? (Mark 9:19).” Here, Jesus was explaining to the disciples that He wouldn’t be physically with them forever and one day, they would have to be capable of carrying on the mission without Him.

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