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Weekly Challenge: Thinking like a Victor, Not a Victim

Written by: Jasmine Alexis

I don’t know about you all, but for me, it is so easy to have a victim mentality. When you have gone through hardships, been mistreated, or lived a “less-fortunate” life, it seems as though you have every excuse to be pessimistic and feel as though the world owes you something. I admit, every day I struggle with staying positive. But as Christians, we have an assured hope in God and His Word, which is truth. Whatever is written in God’s Word is truth. Whatever happened to you may be a fact, but truth prevails over facts. Even if your life never seemed to amount to anything, the truth is, according to Jeremiah 1:5, God knew you and ordained you for a purpose before you were formed in your mother’s womb.

Hebrews 11 speaks on faith and the great heroes of faith recorded in the Bible. They experienced hardships and set-backs; some of them died before the promises manifested in their lives (See Hebrews 11:39). These people, who are now considered heroes, could have had victim mentalities, but they chose to have faith in God’s Word instead of having faith in their predicaments. Therefore, they pressed on, trusting God’s every word. It takes faith to think like a victor—faith in God and His Word and faith in who you are in Christ.

Negative thoughts, which are poisonous, will come, but we have a more potent antidote—God’s Word. Speak God’s Word daily; there are no off days. Start your day off with the Word of God. Usually how you begin your day determines the outcome of it.

I urge you to counteract every negative thought with a promise from God’s Word or a promise that He told you personally.

Remember, you are already a victor in Christ; so why think less than you are?

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