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Turning Six on March 6th

I read an article recently from Gallup, in which they stated that 50% of most businesses fail within the first five years. In the back of my mind, I knew this statistic existed, but seeing it in black in white made it more real. Given the number of new start-ups in the U.S., this is truly an astounding number. The article went on to discuss the reasons for the failures. One in particular stated that the “entrepreneur just didn’t have the talent for the job”. At Proverbs & Wisdom, I am proud to say that we have definitely surpassed that five year mark. Furthermore, we have shown that, with great certainty, we have the talent!

It is March 6th, and we mark a significant moment in the history of Proverbs & Wisdom. It is our Golden Birthday!  Today, we turn six years old, and proudly shout out to the world that we are here to stay! By surpassing that staggering first five year statistic, we can celebrate a rite of passage and fully devote ourselves to our mission and vision.

The Three E’s

At Proverbs & Wisdom, we are dedicated to providing the three E’s: Empowerment, Encouragement, and Enlightenment. Our mission is to help people become wiser, and walk in their God-given purpose by offering support, instilling confidence, and giving hope to those in need. We want to equip people with the resources for personal growth; bridging the gap between where they are and where their purpose lies. Unveiling the curtain to expose what’s hidden, we will shed light on those neglected issues. We seek to build up lives, and see them completely restored: mentally and spiritually healed, living out their full potential. This is our vision.

Reminiscing as We Celebrate

When birthdays are celebrated, it is typically a time to reminisce. I would be remiss if I did not share a bit of history…

While I have not been with Proverbs & Wisdom since its birth, I can say that I have collaborated with our founder, Ashley Ormon since September, 2011. We met in an online writer’s group when she reached out for assistance on her latest project at the time, a devotional entitled God In Your Morning. We spent almost a year working on that book together, and now, five years later…it seems like just yesterday.

Since then, Ashley went on to publish that book in digital and soft cover, and we delivered our first live, printed edition of In The Light Magazine. Two huge accomplishments that I am so proud to have had been involved! We are working on more surprises for the future.

I was recently honored on my anniversary with an amazing tribute and beautiful plaque to which I replied,

When you are truly passionate about something that you love, and give yourself to it completely, one loses all sense of time.

That passion has propelled me to deliver on our mission, and keep the vision that we have established. I can say that Proverbs & Wisdom has helped countless, but it has also quietly and gently brought healing to my soul, and coaxed me to step outside of my shell to live the life that I was meant to live. For that, I am truly grateful to Ashley and Proverbs & Wisdom.

In Memory

The road to here has brought us highs and lows, but none has been as low as our recent loss. Jason Johnson was called home by our Lord, and left behind numerous friends and family who grieve for his passing. We may never understand the reasons why this most kind, caring and generous man was taken so early, but we do know that he is at peace. Jason’s behind the scenes work was truly invaluable to us. He handled all our social media, took care of our prayer requests, and provided support wherever he could. Even before he joined the team, he set up the Celebration Party in New York all on his own. It was a complete surprise, and a cherished moment for Ashley. His passing has left a gapping whole in our hearts. In mourning, we will forever hold his spirit for the mission of Proverbs & Wisdom in our hearts, and forge on with our vision for the future as he would have wanted. We dedicate the remainder of 2017 to him.

Moving Forward

As we move forward from here, I liken our future to that of child who stands at the threshold of his/her sixth birthday. This is the point that we exhibit confidence, and delight in showing our talents. As such, we are excited to be sharing the work of our newest contributor, Keyonna Brown. I expect she will deliver great things, so look for more coming from her throughout 2017!

If anyone would like to join our team or offer a guest-written submission to our blog, we welcome all inquiries. Please email us at:

We honor those you have been a part of our journey and have gone on to bigger and brighter things. There are too many to mention, but know that your invaluable assistance has not gone unnoticed. Proverbs & Wisdom would not be who we are without you!

Ashley and I will continue to showcase an increasing awareness towards various issues while sharing ways to help overcome the challenges we face on a daily basis. Remember, we will be here to offer stability and security amidst the conflicts faced in the world. We hope to offer consistent features such as our “Encourage Me Wednesdays” posts and our “Bringing Back Good” campaign. We will continue to take on prayer requests to help those through challenging situations and circumstances.

Most importantly and with great assurance, we want to thank you, our readers, both new and old, from all walks of life and spanning the globe. With an amazing fan base of 2100+ on Facebook alone, we know that we are finally realizing the global awareness that we had hoped to attain when we set out on this journey. We would not be here without you, and our humbled by your unfailing support. We are so blessed, and it is our wish to reach more of you in the years to come.

Happy birthday Proverbs & Wisdom! We celebrate you, and all the good work that you have done! May you be around for many, many more birthdays.

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