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Try this trick: use your memory to feel stronger

In plaid skirts and maroon blazers, my friend Jasmine and I walked the shaded route home after a long day of high school. 

“Today’s a walking day,” Jasmine said in a drained tone. “There’s too much stuff going on.”

Jasmine and I made a habit out of walking on stressful school days. In fact, even when school was going well, when we were battling any struggle we decided to walk and confide in another our issues. 

Today, after years have gone by, I drove down the route her and I would always travel. With each left or right turn on the wheel, every stoplight, I recalled the then-stressful situations we shared.

I laughed, almost jealous of my younger, sillier self. Problems? I’d trade to have all of those as my problems today as an adult. I tried remembering some of the things we had talked about from school and college decisions, family issues, dating and what we had planned for the weekend. 

It seemed funny how significantly insignificant all of those issues were. At the time, for our 14 and 15-year-old selves, it seemed like somewhat of a big deal. Were they life crisis? No. But, they held significance at that time and the results of them are still something that affects me in minor ways today.

Looking at my life now, as I drove down that route, I thought about all the obstacles I’m facing. I thought about all the issues I’d rather wish away. All the things I’ve talked to friends and family about that has been weighing on my heart. I couldn’t help but think years from now, all these significant things will be but a small pebble in the sand compared to what is to come.

If you’re going through a tough issue now don’t make it more than it has to be. That’s not to say it isn’t important, but that it isn’t everything there is to life. Two weeks from now, two months from now, twenty two years from now you’ll realize that there were bigger things to come.

Everything you’ve gone through has prepared you for this season in life now.

Everything you are going through now will prepare you for what is it come.

Like I did, go down memory lane of past challenges you thought were insurmountable. Were they really that big? Even if they were you got through them, right? Don’t be discouraged by what you’re facing now.

Difficult times don’t last forever, but the strength within you will. 

Never minimize anything of importance, but realize as with your past you overcame “yesterday,” can overcome today, and can continue to in the future.

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