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Top Ways to be Happy!

Top Ten Ways to Stay Happy

Sometimes life can get us down and we get upset, so here are several ways to be happy. Or, if you are already happy, ways to maintain it!

  • 1.      Count Your Blessings (but not too often):

When you acknowledge what you do have, you’ll see you have a lot for which you can be thankful. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and perhaps even privileged to have the things you do. Don’t count your blessings too much though, or else you may start taking them all for granted.

  • 2.      Be Optimistic:

Look at the bright side. There is always something positive in the smallest situation. If you car breaks down, be glad you have a car. If it’s a rough day at work, be happy that you have a job. If it’s a rainy day, be happy you made it to see another day. Whatever it may be, find a reason to be grateful.

  • 3.      Listen to Uplifting Music:

I think most people have been guilty of listening to sad music when they’re upset. Don’t do that! It’ll only deepen your depression. Music helps to create and maintain our mood. Throughout your day listen to positive music. You may even find yourself humming or singing it later on throughout the day.

  • 4.      Develop Your Spirituality:

Having a religion or mediating helps decrease stress, centralize your thoughts, and promotes good habits. It also provides positive people around you and a good atmosphere to be in. Don’t believe me? Read this article by Daily Mail.

  • 5.      Do Something Nice For Someone:

An act of kindness usually puts a smile on anyone’s face. Doing something nice for someone, especially when they don’t expect it, brightens up their day and gives you a sense of accomplishment. It is good to help others because everyone needs help at one time or another.

  • 6.      Try Something New or Different:

If you aren’t happy about how life is going, perhaps you’re not doing the right thing or need to do it differently. Take a new route when you go home, pick up a hobby, change the music you listen to, or even the shows you watch. In doing something different you gain a wider perspective and can learn in the process of it.

  • 7.      Exercise:

Exercise is scientifically proven to make you feel better. Your muscles are not cramped up, your mind is more relaxed, and you naturally feel stronger. Working out helps breathing and creates better blood circulation. It’ll give you a better sense of motivation and something to look forward to. If you don’t like going to the gym and working out, try taking a brisk walk or stretching.

  • 8.      Eat Properly:

A healthy diet can not only make you feel happier, but it’ll add years to your life. Maintaining a proper diet is good for you mentally and physically. It’s important that as you take care of the outside of your body, you take care of the inside too.

  • 9.      Take Breaks:

Taking frequent breaks, even if they are only five to tens minutes, reduces stress. It prevents the mind from feeling overloaded and helps improve focus. This is especially critical after you have finished rushing. It’ll help you remember anything you have forgotten, allow your heart rate to relax, and you’ll feel a sense of relief.

  • 10.  Pay Attention to the Little Things:

Notice the small things in life. Look at how many stars are in the sky, the details in a picture, the different colors of things around you, and all the smiling faces. Being observant allows you to see things you haven’t noticed before. It’ll create focus and perhaps spark curiosity. If you pay close attention to the details, you’ll appreciate the bigger picture.

  • 11.  Smile and Enjoy Your Accomplishments:

Don’t forget to smile. Even if you aren’t in a great mood smiling can make you feel better because it is a sign of happiness. And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your accomplishments. Ecclesiastes 3:13 says that everyone should take pleasure in their work. It is God’s gift to all people. 

Okay, so this isn’t ten. It’s eleven. But who wouldn’t want an extra way to be happy?

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