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To God, You’re A Jewel With Potential

I like to think of everyone as a rare jewel. Similar to diamonds, we are first covered with dirt and unpleasing to the eye. You see, the reason why diamonds and jewels are worth so much even before they are cleaned, cut and polished is because people are aware of the potential they contain. Had it not been for the knowledge of these dirty jewels’ value, it would seem worthless to us.

You too, are a rare jewel. Some prefer to say “a diamond in the rough”, but there are plenty of diamonds and only one of you—hence my reason in stating that you are a rare jewel.  Right now, you may be covered in “dirt” (gossip, lies, cheating, fornication, drugs, alcohol, and so forth) but like diamonds, underneath lies great potential. The only reason you may feel you don’t have “a rare jewel’s value” is because you and others are unaware of the potential you have.

I am sure miners don’t know exactly what diamonds are worth once they have uprooted them. This is why they are passed on to someone else to clean, cut, and price them; a person who can cultivate it into something beautiful and can properly determine its worth.

Likewise, you are a jewel that has been mined by someone who doesn’t know your worth. Now it is time for you to be placed in the hands of someone who can clean, cut (or mold), and let everyone know your true value. The only person who has this ability is God. After all, Jeremiah 29:11 tells us He created prosperous plans for you. Meaning, God knows your potential. Yes, He sees the dirty diamond or the dirty jewel you are, but like the miners, He is aware of the profound potential underneath.

Don’t get caught up with how you see yourself now. You may be doing some things wrong; you may be struggling to overcome addictions or bad habits and may not have all the dirt wiped off you yet—that’s okay. Right now you are in the process of being cleaned (made righteous), cut (molded into who God created you to be), and then priced (displayed for God’s glory). Just know when the process is over you’ll be more precious than diamonds and more valuable than the rarest jewel because God, in heaven, made you.

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