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You want to live in Heaven, but don’t spend time with God?

Time with God

Isn’t it weird how we want to spend time with God in heaven, yet we don’t seize the opportunity to do so here on earth?

We often fail to realize, too, that our relationship with Jesus at the pearly gates will be a reflection of our relationship with Him now.

Jesus said it Himself throughout the Gospels. He mentioned how those who deny Him here on earth before men will be denied by Him before God. He spoke of how one day He will say to some “I never knew you,” although they claim to have done things in His name. And even moments before Christ’s death, the relationship one man who hung beside Christ built with the Savior earned him to hear the Lord say, “Today you shall be with me in paradise.” With that in mind, why do we act as if our relationship now, here on earth, with the Lord doesn’t account to much? How can we truly say we want to spend time with God in heaven if we don’t reflect that desire on earth now?

Today, we encourage you to take your relationship with God a little more seriously. Because when you truly love someone, when you want to spend time with them, you find out ways to.

Show God your desire now to be with Him, and prayerfully when your life has ended, He’ll permit you to continue the fulfillment of your desire in heaven.

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