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The Wise Vs. The Foolish

These are all things the wise and foolish person does in the same situation. All answers came from the book of Proverbs.
      The Wise Person         The Foolish Person
1. Overlooks an insult. 1. Shows annoyance at once.
2. Brings joy to their father. 2. Brings grief to their mother.
3. Inherits honor and saves some for their children. 3. Upholds shame and inherits folly.
4. Speaks wisdom and knows when to hold their tongue. 4. Speaks foolishly and chatters.
5. Accepts correction and adds to their learning. 5. Rejects correction and finds destruction.
6. Sees danger, avoids it, and takes refuge. 6. Continues toward danger and suffers for it.
7. Their wisdom provides protection, honor, and understanding. 7. Their own foolishness ruins their life.
8. Chooses wise people as friends and seeks guidance. 8. Chooses foolish people as friends.
9. Stands firm. 9. Falls and is unstable.
10. Gives thoughts to their steps and uses discernment. 10. Believes anything they hear.
11. Keeps silent while listening. 11. Answers before listening.
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