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The Truth and Lies About Love

There are people who speak out of love, act out of love, do out of love, and some may even walk in love but is it truly love that drives them, or what they believe is love? 
In every language, love is the most important word. It doesn’t matter what form it’s in—written, oral, signed, braille—because the power that it embodies is beyond measure. 
However, in every language, love is the most confused and misunderstood word. The truth that it embodies is hidden and lies about it are portrayed as fact.

We will be unveiling within these last few days of 2011 the lies and hidden truths on love. I can only pray from our love theme that you obtain wisdom and understanding on what love is. With God as the author and our staff as the writers, I hope you are touched and enlightened.

Christ’s Servant,
Ashley Ormon

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