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The Ongoing Controversy: Christians and Secular Music

The headline itself says it all. Everyone has their opinion about it and no one can find a concrete answer to the question: Should Christians listen to secular music?

I’ve heard the thoughts of many and I am not aware of yours, so I will tell you my own. Just as a disclaimer though, don’t take my word as fact. I am still an imperfect person trying to live in God’s righteousness.

 It is completely understandable why anyone—especially Christians—would refrain from listening to secular music. The profanity is disgusting, the message it promotes terrible and it often degrades the value of people based upon religion, gender, sex, and race. And please, don’t get me started on music videos! Although this is true of most secular music, it isn’t true of all secular music. There are some songs that do have positive messages without the explicit language and videos and I am not referring to the family radio version either. Some of this music includes  songs such as “My Heart Goes On” the theme song from the movie Titanic, “You Are Loved” by Josh Groban, and “If You’re Out There” sung by John Legend. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all the songs these artists sing are good to listen to, but I don’t see the harm in listening to these specific songs.

Some may argue that listening to these types of songs doesn’t uplift God—and they’d be correct—but neither does playing basketball and football, going to Six Flags, and an array of other things we might do. The songs mentioned above, specifically “You Are Loved” and “If You’re Out There”, promotes an uplifting message. They promote a sense of hope and happiness if you actually listen to the lyrics. “My Heart Goes On” is a love song, not necessarily directed towards God but to a person whom that individual loves. Yet, even if we read Song of Solomon we see that the husband professes his love to his wife beautifully and poetically.

However, once again this is only an opinion. My opinion at that. The purpose of this post isn’t to raise an uproar from people who firmly believe otherwise. Remember, you can agree to disagree and agree to understand someone and still keep your own preferences.

So my question to you is: what do you think? Is all secular music bad? Should we only listen to Christian music? I’m not “comment hungry” but especially on a sensitive topic such as this I would really love to hear your thoughts. Trust me, I won’t get offended. However, whether you agree or disagree, I’d appreciate if you’d explain why. This way, I can understand you better. Feel free to reply to others comments also. Thank you.

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