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Success Challenge: How Will YOU Be Remembered?

If you were to die this very second (God-forbid), how would you want to be remembered? When people who never knew you asked what you were like, what would you want others to tell them?

During your personal time, if not now, write a letter to the world or a stranger passing by. Begin your letter with “Dear World” or “Dear Stranger”.  If this seems too abstract, then write it to a family member who isn’t born yet or is too young to remember you if you were to die now.

In your letter, write what you want others to know about you. Write about something people often misjudge you about that isn’t true. Include the lasting imprint you want someone to have about who you truly are. Then, in one word or one sentence sum it all up. If someone said, “Wow, INSERT YOUR NAME HERE was really _______________”.  What would it be?

For example, I would want someone to say “Wow, Ashley really touched lives; she was a very loving person.”

After you have written your letter keep it. Don’t throw it away. Make your letter become a reality. Try to put those words into actions so this way, when you do pass, hopefully someone will think of you in the way you wanted them to. Hopefully they will have the correct perception of who you were because your actions proved it.

Also, after all is said and done, you may even find that you pushed yourself to achieve more because of the legacy you wish to leave.


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