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Success – An Interview with Kanina Johnson

For our featured article this week, we were privileged enough to conduct an interview with Kanina Johnson. She is a professional life coach and published author. She attempts to teach others how to get the most out of life and become prosperous individuals.

Interview conducted by Devon Carrow.

Carrow: The theme of our blog this month is success, so in keeping with that theme, how do you define success?

KJ: My definition of “Success”: Success attract those that believe and become success conscious.   I’ve learned from Earl Nightingale that  “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”  Meaning the idea is worthy of you because you are trading your life for it. It is an ideal and not just an idea.

That bring us to understanding that I learned from James Allen “An ideal is an idea that you have fallen in love with.”  Meaning that you are in perfect harmony with the idea. When you are in love with an idea, you have become intellectually involved. You are totally in tune to the image, your true perception, and you are using your will to focus on that idea.

Success is not from what you do. Success is how you do it. Know that as you progress toward the idea being manifested, it is only natural you are going to fail in many attempts because you do not know how to get there. You only know you will get there. Think of a failed attempt as a feedback from the universe. The universe is letting you know it is time to self correct.

God intended for every individual to succeed in life. Whoever thinks he can, “he can.” It is God’s purpose that we all become great.

To have great success, you must first understand how to think properly.  If you do not understand how to properly think, you will allow outside circumstances to control you. To be a successful you must be in control of your life.

I believe in total life prosperity.  Success in all areas of our life is important.

Carrow: As a life coach, one of your main philosophies is that a positive outlook on life will attract positive things to happen. How did you gain this perspective?

KJ: As a life coach, one of my main philosophies is a positive outlook on life. Positivity will attract positive things to happen. Our minds are very powerful.  We attract what we focus on.  If you focus on negativity, you will attract negative circumstances and events.  If you focus on the positivity of life, you will bring into your life great opportunities and life experiences.

I gained this perspective, well to tell you the truth, I’m naturally, well just being who I’m truly am, living my life purpose.  I have always been a very positive person.  As I became awaken to life, I realized we are an expression of love.  God is a Spirit of Love.  When we live our daily life loving, we are living a positive life.  All that you desire will be yours for the asking!

Carrow: You probably see a lot of different clients. Are there any common mistakes people have made in their lives that they would want to change? 

KJ:A lot of us are thinking about what we do not want, pass negative life experiences.  We have learned unconsciously to live our life through someone else. Example what our parents, teachers, authority figures is expecting of us.  When someone begins to awaken out of a “deep sleep” (meaning awake to life)  they are inspired to change their life.  Live their truth.

Carrow:Do you believe anything can happen if you really put your mind to it?

KJ: We are co creators.  We are here on earth to allow God to live freely through us.  We must share our love with all.  You can create whatever your heart desire by using the power of your mind.  Everything begin with a thought.

Carrow:What can inspire someone to make a positive life changing decision?

KJ: Being your true self will bring happiness.

To learn more about Kanina Johnson you may visit her site, tweet her on Twitter, and/or purchase her book, Walk in Your Power. On behalf of the Proverbs & Wisdom’s staff we’d like to thank Kanina for allowing us to interview her.

Devon Carrow is in her last year of high school and is focusing on studying History, Communications, and International Business. When not at school, she enjoys crew and acting and hopes to continue both in college. Please be on the lookout for more articles written by Devon. She will be a contributor for Proverbs and Wisdom.

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