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Coming back from spiritual rehab

A mixture of excitement and exhausted overwhelmed our bodies. My sister, niece and I were enrolled at the same dance academy. After several hours of leaps, twirls, stretches, and endless dance drills we were glad to only be five minutes away from home. In mid-conversation about almost mastering the first half of our performance’s choreography, my sister started frantically screaming, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!”

An SUV hit my side of the car, pushing us over the left two lanes, stopping us slightly above the curb.

After police phone calls and an ambulance ride to the emergency room for CAT scans and MRI’s and bandages, everyone was cleared to be OK. Everyone except me. The doctors told me I had an issue going on with my neck they weren’t sure about, and there could be a possible chance my spine had been heavily affected and perhaps twisted. For me this meant for the next several months I wouldn’t be dancing as my niece and sister resumed after a short two week recovery. 

It’s crazy how life can be: just when you’re almost at your best and everything goes well something unexpected comes crashing in — pushing you in a different direction — and often, temporarily stopping you altogether. The past year or so doing Proverbs & Wisdom has seemed like that for us. Just when the team was almost at it’s best and the momentum was high, the leaders got hit — hard — and a pause was forced upon us.

Where have we been?

If you follow us in any fashion, you’ve likely noticed the blog posts have slowed down and there hasn’t been any news of our Compassion Charity Drive. We didn’t forget about you, or what we’re supposed to be doing at Proverbs & Wisdom, but life surely put us at an abrupt stop. 

Like the car crash, it was completely out of my control. Was it avoidable? Perhaps. But it happened, and I had to deal with it. I had to learn how to move differently with a damaged back. I grew frustrated being pulled away from the dance studio I was in, and felt robbed of unique moments shared with my family in it. I became discouraged understanding that when my recovery time was finished, there would only be three weeks before the final performance. I hadn’t learned the second half of the dances and because of it, there was no way my instructor was going to keep my role in the choreography.

Our spiritual walk and dreams can share similar experiences…

We are focused and due to unfortunate situations develop reasons why we can’t achieve in that season. We hit a financial crisis and give up on the business or buying that new car. We bomb a test and think perhaps we won’t get into the school we want. We get a sports injury and become frustrated because we have to sit out a season or two. 

But, God has a funny way of working sometimes. A pastor at my church told me:

“When you finally get back on track you’ll realize God won’t start you where you left off, but will place you where you need to be as if your setback never happened.”

I wasn’t sure if I was convinced, but at the end of my recovery my dance instructor called me. She told me to come back to rehearsals and she had choreographed the dance with me still in mind. I went back to classes with renewed faith and strength and three weeks later at our performance, danced as if I had never been injured — every move done perfectly.

Coming back to Proverbs & Wisdom and encouraging as we tend to be, seem slightly discouraging. We looked at how far we had come before being crashed into. We wondered after a year of recovering how we could make a comeback. And then we remembered:

God doesn’t allow what we consider to be setbacks, hiccups, and even handicaps to hinder us from our purpose. 

We had a season in which we all grew. We learned to trust God a little harder. To stand on our faith a bit stronger. To encourage ourselves and find joy regardless of the circumstance.

With all this being said, we are excited to announce we’re back in motion and we intend to leap, twirl, and dance in the fullness God has in store for us (and you). Every Wednesday we’ll be back to posting our Tidbit of Encouragement on our blog (along with other exciting things to come!).

We thank you for your prayers during our intermission, and remind you that setbacks only make your comeback that much better. Life isn’t all about what we hope to achieve. It’s about the journey to it. The struggle that becomes part of it. And the great fortitude, resiliency, and strength found through its lessons.


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