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It’s time for a spiritual refill

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been quiet.

I haven’t been writing as much as I normally do these days. Which means, for Proverbs & Wisdom, there’s been fewer articles than normal.

a walk in to the woods

You see, as wonderful as it is to pour into others we also must also allow God to pour into us.  And we let God to do this by spending meaningful time with Him.

Yes, it’s a blessing for us to share the Gospel. Yes, it’s a privilege to be an open door for God’s work to be done for others. It’s a powerful moment when we unite with one another.


Even Jesus retreated from the crowds, the disciples, the work he was doing in ministry to spend time with God.

Because although the Lord has a still, small voice I believe it resounds loudly when we silence ourselves to listen to Him with all of our heart.

So if I am quieter than usual please do not think I have left you. I’m still here. But instead of pouring out, I’m being poured into by God.

We all need a refill. A spiritual refill…and I’m being reequipped to bless all of you.


May we all take time to be silent and simply let God be God,


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