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Special Post: Mother’s Day

Mother’s are truly a blessing from God and should be appreciated. After all, they gave birth to us!
When asked what mothers love most about motherhood this is what they said:
  • The smiles they see on their child’s face every day
  • The warm hugs they receive from their child
  • Being able to produce life
  • Watching their child grow through different stages
  • Buying clothes for their little ones
  • Cute baby voices
  • The love they receive from their children
When asked what people love most about their mother’s they responded:
  • “Her personality” -Anon
  • “She’s my best friend. I can tell her anything.” -Courtney
  • “Her cooking… no one beats momma’s cooking!” -Bryan
  • “No matter how many times I mess up, she’ll love me. Not a lot of people will do that.” -Anon
  • “She gave us time to explain why we did things.” -Amanda
  • “When I was right, she was on my side. When I did wrong, she still was there for me.” -Anon
  • “She helped me stay out of trouble.” -Anon
  •  “Speaks her mind“. -Dominique
What do I (the writer) love most about my mother?
  •  I’ve always admired my mom’s strong love for God. She tried her best to impart a strong Christian foundation in me. She told me when I was just a small child in elementary school to pray that when I grow older, I won’t depart from God’s word like so many teens and older adults do. Well, I prayed that prayer and years later, here I am now telling others about God. I love how my mother has always supported my dreams, even in times I thought I couldn’t achieve them. She always tells me I can, and despite everything I know that she’ll always love me. I love you mom.
A message from one of our readers, Christlove Thermidor, about her mother:
“I love my Mom’s heart. She’s been through so much but she still loves everyone around her the same; unconditionally.”
In keeping with our name, think about Proverbs 31:
·         The Christian woman strives to live her life in accordance to Proverbs 31 and tries to emulate the woman the Bible talks about in this chapter. Out of the entire Bible, it is this chapter that females of all ages feel most valued in. It speaks about how a Godly woman should act as a lady, wife, and mother. Even men use this chapter to determine what characteristics a Godly woman should have. Isn’t it interesting though, where this chapter came from? Proverbs 31:1 tells us that these words came from King Lemuel’s mother! How beautiful is it that the words which are cherished by so many came from the heart of a mother.
Special Prayer for Mothers:
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for providing us with a beautiful mother to love and cherish. We ask that you keep her safe, provide for all her needs, and bless her abundantly. Let her be a good example to us on how a mother and individual should be.  Continue to fill her heart with love and allow her to know she is appreciated even when she doesn’t think so! Lord, Proverbs 31: 2 says that a mother’s children will rise up and call her blessed. So as our mother’s children, we rise up and say bless her for she indeed is blessed. In Jesus name, Amen.
If you have anything to say about your mother, motherhood, mothers, and/or anything related to that, please comment. I’d love to hear what you have to say, especially if you’re a mom!
Be blessed mothers and thank you for all you do!
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