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September’s Theme RELEASED!

Healing and Rebirth

The topic we will be discussing this month is different than those we have had previously. We will be concentrating on our scars, doubts, and other issues in order to turn them into perfections, hope, and success.


Too often, we allow our downfalls to harm us forever instead of using them to propel us to new levels of prosperity. If you have ever experienced or still experience sentiments of shame, unworthiness, deal with heartbreak or hurt, confusion or uncertainty, please make us your new home. We will be posting encouraging articles to help you get through these times, empower your spirit and of course, enlighten you on how to overcome.

Last but surely not least, I’d like to introduce Proverbs & Wisdom’s newest staff member, Stephen Philip Porter. We are blessed to have him and we encourage you to get to know him. You can read his first article tomorrow morning as he starts off September’s theme: Healing and Rebirth.

We will also be sending out a special tribute regarding 9/11 to all subscribers. If you would like to receive it and be e-mailed our articles, you may subscribe free below. Please remember that once you have provided us with your e-mail to check your inbox. We will send you a confirmation link in order to make sure you provided your e-mail address and not someone else. 

May God bless you and Jesus Christ’s peace be with you,


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