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A secret to a happier, richer life

The secret to being happier with your life isn’t in settling temporarily for what you have, or letting go of what you hope one day will be. It’s in recognizing you have the incredible ability to possess the greatest treasures in life regardless of who you are. 

It amazes me how some of the wealthiest and most intelligent people possess everything, but own nothing.

They don’t own peace because they’ve given it away to pettiness and senseless issues. They’ve traded joy for the stress of making another dollar. They’ve given up loving others and perhaps themselves because hatred and unforgiveness took the throne of their heart.  

We’ve grown into a culture who is physically rich and spiritually poor. We lack empathy, are short on hope and lack the ability to trust in what seems pure.

We fail to realize the greatest gift is our beating heart, and the best security blanket is in knowing not only who we are but the great purpose planted within us.

My purpose, however, has always been to help people become rich. The funny thing is, I can’t afford to get any and everything I’d like, but I hold within my heart and mind treasures no amount of money could ever buy.

Can you dare to do the same: consider yourself rich — not by the physical means — but because you’re able to dream freely, love purely and act on hope completely?

Be content with the full understanding that you don’t have to be discouraged because several bad experiences isn’t enough to strip you of what only God can give you.

Several bad experiences isn’t enough to strip you of what only God can give you.

Be content knowing it isn’t your job that gives you value, it’s your purpose that does. Be content acknowledging you can have all the love you need by simply loving yourself whole-heartedly. Be content accepting you are enough, you are unique, and you are of importance. 

Today, learn to be content by the treasures you are able to have. Consider yourself rich: in love, in happiness. Rich in having a peaceful mind. Rich because you are able to count your blessings. Rich because you can own everything no gold or currency could ever give or take away.

The secret to being content in each season you enter is measuring your life by the treasure you not only possess, but will always own.


Peace, love and happiness,


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