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Searching for Life

We couldn’t find it.

My family and I were driving down south to my cousin’s house. He said his home was off of a main street—the biggest one in town—and when the streets got narrower off of it, we would find his block.
Seemed easy to find, right? A narrow street amongst several larger ones. How hard could it be? Pretty hard.
Unlike the city where we lived that always looked like daytime, it was dark down south at night: no street lights, a forest of trees, and his street was so small we almost missed it.
This reminds me of when Jesus told the people the road to life is narrow and because of it, not many find it; the road to destruction, He said, is easy to find because it is wider (Matt. 7:13-14).
I can recall it taking us forever to find my cousin’s block. Had we been a little less patient we would have probably stayed on the main street and returned to the hotel.
Sometimes, it may seem like we will never find that straight and narrow road Jesus instructed us to walk on; we grow tired and decide to throw in the towel, giving up on our search. Never forget that Jesus also told us in Matthew 7:7 that if we seek, we will find.
Today, I employ you if you’ve stopped the search or are contemplating on doing so to continue looking. Keep moving forward and never lose your desire to become close to God. James 4:8 tells us that if we draw close to God, He will draw close to us. It teaches us that while we are searching and walking closer to our Father, He too, is walking closer to us. It is an encouragement that if we first are willing to meet God, He will meet us halfway.
My friends, Jesus revealed a “secret” to you. He knew all of us would not be conscious about the path to life so He told us about it. Now, it is up to you to find it.
Trust God and seek Him. He’ll never lead you astray. If He sees you have the desire to find the path of life, He’ll guide you to it.

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