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Reflections, #23

Father! Your love is better than life…
My heart is filled with gratitude, love, and joy! You’ve been amazingly gracious and kind (even when I’ve messed up). Your steady love has carried me through what I thought were the worst of circumstances; you never left me!
I survey the land of my life, and every step of the way through each stage of the process, you teach me about me, while revealing another attribute of who You are. After all these years of friendship and covenant, I still have so much to learn about You. You are this ever-unfolding puzzle, this mystery, even a quest. My search to know the depth of who You are seems unending yet so delightful and thrilling. I guess that’s the blessing of coming behind the veil. I savor each precious revelation You share with me. I understand more now what Moses felt when he asked You to show him Your splendor and glory. Lord, I remember the times when I was far from you and really wanted nothing to do with living for you. I was so foolish to resist Your love for me…
You are and will always remain the Inexhaustible One!
Magnificent. Deep. Glorious.
There is no searching of Your vast and unimaginable wisdom. You hold my life, my days, and my times. You alone are worth all my praise! The sweet grace you give continues to keep me and causes me to always end up in Your arms. You never fail. You never lose. You never lie. Father, You have rescued me from myself time and time again. I don’t deserve all of this…
Great is Your faithfulness!
It blesses me to know that I don’t have to “qualify” for Your love: I never would. This love is like the gentle rain in the spring: soft, refreshing and cool. You quench my every thirst. You water my parched places with mercy and loving-kindness. Your goodness causes me to surrender to all that You are. Your love, Abba, refreshes my life. Who wouldn’t be grateful for such rich love? Nothing in this life will ever compare to the depth of love, care, and concern You hold for me. I’m not sure that I even understand it all, but everyday I want to know You more and more. Increase my capacity for You and You alone! Lord! Let me know You, perceive you, witness Your power, and bask in the light of Your love for me. It is truly better than life.
I owe you everything. I realize after all the craziness I sometimes put myself through, You remain steadfast, permanent. Knowing the ways that I take, You have seen all that I will ever do, and You still protect me, You keep me, and You still desire me.
I will love You with my life. I choose You, Father! Lord, help me to never lose sight of who You are! Let me never become too comfortable with Your glory. I want to honor you with my life, with all that I do through the Spirit. Help me to always remain teachable and let me always access Your presence. My desire is to be one with You and to be ever aware of Your hands on my life. I am so thankful that You’ve set Your lavish love on me! What else can I say? Words sometimes are not enough.
Thank You, my High King.
Lord, I love you! May my praise be Your favorite song!

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