Our Prayer for You

For You From Us:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the special individual who is reading this. We thank you for the gifts and talents you have given them and for providing them with favor and success. Father, you said in your Word that if we ask it shall be given unto us. So as your humble servants we ask that you may bless them and keep them always. Keep them from harm and out of troubles way, let them use wisdom in all their decisions and remember that without you, nothing is possible. Please provide them with healing from all addictions, all diseases, all sicknesses, and uneasy minds. By faith we are standing on your Word that by Jesus Christ stripes they are healed and every function in their body will work according to the perfection You created it in. Break down all strong holds they may have and help them to live life more abundantly. We pray that the individual reading this may not doubt, but have faith in all that You can and will do Father. Cover them and may they dwell in your presence so that they may be encouraged and receive every blessing you have planned to give them. And lastly Lord, we pray for those who are seeking to know you better, the ones who haven’t yet acknowledged that you are God, and those who have fallen away. Please draw close to them and help them to walk in your love. Thank you for all you are doing and everything that is to come. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Please know that even if we may not know you personally (although we would love to) you are constantly in our prayers. Be blessed!

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