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Today is National Day of Prayer

Around the entire country, today is National Day of Prayer. How beautiful as a nation and as God’s people we all are coming together to pray.

Necessary for Life

Prayer is such a vital part of each individual’s life because it is our direct connection with God. Prayer is how we fellowship, speak, and hear from God. Through it we learn His will and purpose for our lives.

Prayer changes things

There’s a common saying which goes, “Prayer doesn’t change God, it changes us.” By lifting our requests to the Lord we have the ability to ask our Father to intervene in our lives and in our circumstances.

The Prayer Movement

Because we understand the value of prayer, the staff at Proverbs & Wisdom started the The Prayer Movement. Each week we have a new prayer theme in which we pray for our nation, our schools, leaders, those who are sick, the depressed, and this week we are praying for those in the Armed Forces.

I encourage you to join us this week, especially today, in The Prayer Movement as we come together for National Day of Prayer.

In addition to this, we have a prayer team who is willing to take all prayer requests (and follow-up with you to see if you need continued prayer).  If you’d like to pray for others, but aren’t sure who, we have a list of people who would appreciate your prayers. You can read the requests on the prayer wall.

You can visit The Prayer Movement here.

Our Prayer for You

Lastly, we pray for all of our readers. You can read our prayer for you here.



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