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May Success (Daily) Challenges

 This month challenges are all about success: how to reach your full potential and become a successful person. They are the foundation to your success.

Daily Challenges have now become weekly challenges. Sorry for the inconsistency. 

Week of May 15-21, 2011 Challenge:

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Today’s Success Challenge: May 9 2011

Write down the characteristics you think are important for success. (We’ll explain why this is needed later). 

Today’s Success Challenge: May 7-8 

Write down your goals in detail as much as you possibly can. Then try planning how you achieve them.

Today’s Success Challenge: May 6 2011

What’s your attitude?

You may want success, but do you have a successful attitude? If you have an attitude of defeat, negativity, or you don’t care how can you expect to succeed? In order to be prosperous you need to carry the correct attitude. Today, work on fixing your outlook on life.

Today’s Success Challenge: May 5 2011

Be prosperous in bad times.
Learn to take the good with the bad and how to be prosperous in both. Turn each negative opportunity into something positive. Yesterday’s challenge asked you to be creative. This is another time to do so. Usually, there aren’t any bad moments if you can change them. Plus, if you’ve learned from the situation, you can always wear a smile.

Today’s Success Challenge: May 4 2011 

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Today’s Success Challenge: May 3 2011

Be Passionate.

In some way every successful person is passionate. They all have this in common. Whether they are in the music industry, an artist, dancer, or a successful business owner they are passionate about what they do. It is usually easier to work towards something when you actually love doing it too. So find something to love and then decide to develop it. Whatever your goal may be, love it and be enthusiastic about it.

Today’s Success Challenge: May 2 2011 

Everything starts with a thought. Your thoughts affect every aspect of your life, including how successful you will become. In order to have prosperity you must think success and develop a healthy thought pattern. To do this, think positive. It is also critical that you envision and foresee yourself as a prosperous person. If you can get your thoughts in line with your dreams, goals, and desires you have already climbed up 40% higher on success ladder.

Today’s Success Challenge: May 1 2011 

Be hopeful.
This may seem irrelevant, but being hopeful is one of the most important things in becoming successful. When failure comes you need to have hope that next time you can achieve.  When you can’t envision the end results and you aren’t seeing the fruit of your labor, you need to remain optimistic. If you don’t have hope you’re almost destined to be unsuccessful each and every time. You have to be lighthearted in thinking that there is always a possibility to achieve.
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