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Make 2015 the year you finish well

What do you want to finish?


That may seem like a weird question to ask this time of year when most are talking about fresh starts.

But just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean we have to start something new. There are great things you’ve already begun that are in need of you finishing.

Dreams and visions

Maybe there were some dreams you had last year, or within past years, that you’ve begun dreaming up or working on. Could this be the year you finish dreaming them and making them happen?

Untied ends

What about that book you’ve always wanted to write, or started writing? The instrument you’ve put down for a while. The relationship that’s gone stagnant? Can you work on finishing the current stage, and growing further? Or, what about those projects around the house that went undone? Now is the perfect time to finish.

Your relationship with God

Jesus was great at starting things. He started a team of disciples. He started new relationships with people. He started his ministry. However, Jesus was also excellent at finishing. He trained his disciples until he was no longer needed with them (John 16:7). Christ also finished his purpose here on earth (see John 19:30).

What is it that God wants you to finish this year? Maybe it’s mentoring someone, or helping your child complete something. It could be finishing that business plan, the college or job application you’ve put aside.

Starting isn’t enough 

As wonderful as it is to start, nothing is better than finishing well. (You can go ahead and tweet that.) In 2015, let us not be so concerned as to what we begin that we never complete anything at all.

Ask yourself: What do I want to finish? And maybe the most important question: when do I, if ever, intend on completing it?

What are some ways to ensure you finish what you’ve started? 

Let us know in a comment below.

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