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I find myself talking about my wife and son a lot when I’maway from them.  I talk about thethings my wife has done for me, how proud I am of her in her job, and how muchI pray that God would heal her completely though we are so grateful that He didheal her partially.  I talk aboutmy two-year old son and his accomplishments: new words he’s learning, new skillsets he’s developing, and even the tantrums he throws when he’s frustrated. 
I talk about them because I love them, and it’s like Jesussays, “out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” (Luke6:45).
In fact you never, ever have to wonder what or whom someonereally loves.  You can know becausethey will talk about their love, incessantly.  Every lull in conversation will be filled with their loveinterest:
If they love their job, they’ll talk about work: the highsand lows.
If they love money, they’ll talk about how they wish theycould get a better paying job or win the lottery.
If they love movies, they’ll quote lines and tell everyonethey meet what movie they should watch.
If they love shopping, they’ll talk about the deals theyfound or the items they bought.
If they love football, well . . . you get the picture.
And here’s the kicker. If they really love God, they’ll talk about Him—all the time.
So while I do talk about my family a lot, my heart, and byassociation my most frequent topic of conversation, belong to God.  And honestly the only reason I love myfamily the way I do is because I love them through the power of the Holy Spiritabiding within me, so even my conversations about them are framed within theblueprints of God’s love.
Finally, it’s true that our actions do speak louder thanwords, so it is important to live accordingly to what we speak, but it is ourwords that shine a light on what’s in our heart.  If Jesus is in your heart, His name will ever be on yourlips. 
May His love overflow in all that you say, so you may bringglory to God forever, amen.

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