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A Letter to All of God’s Children

My Beloved Child, 

Do you know how precious you are? How wonderful, how beautifully made and gifted you are? Before anyone knew of you, before you were conceived within your mother’s womb, before the beginning of time, I had a plan for you. A plan for you to be a holy, made in My likeness, for I am holy.

Yes, I know you are not always perfect, but I love you always. I love you despite, I love you because. I love you regardless of the circumstance you are in and the sin you have committed. I even loved you when you did not love Me.

You are special in My eyes, uniquely crafted by My hands. And since you have been made by Me, My fingerprints are upon you. Please do not fill your mind with negative thinking, believing you cannot achieve the very things which I have called you to do. Whatever I say you can do, you can. Wherever I say you shall go, you will — if and only if you are obedient and willing to work with Me in My Son’s name.

I know you have struggles, in this life you will face many. But know this: you are an overcomer. I did not place you on earth to become a victim to the foolishness and destructiveness of this world. I placed you here to be a light upon a hill — never to be hidden — that you may overcome as My Son has overcome.

I placed you here to tell others about how much I love them. Can you do this for me? Remember where you were before I changed you? I’m so glad you accepted My call and believed in Me! I hated seeing you in the world lost, hurt, and abandoned  That was never My plan and purpose for you! And My child, My heart wants so dearly for the rest of My creation to come to Me. I call and I want them to answer! I do not want them to be swallowed by the snakes and the craftiness of this world. I want them set free, as you have been set free.

My beloved, I need you. I need you to be a vessel to tell others about Me. I need you to tell others about My love. I want you to help advance My kingdom. My child, you have value. An irreplaceable value. You have a purpose and please do not let anyone and anything convince you otherwise.

Go out into the world, and although you are sent as a sheep amongst wolves, fear not. I am with thee. I have watched over you as a baby within your mother’s womb. Even then, the enemy had plans to kill you and I saw to it that evil failed. Every day and every hour My hand has been upon you. I have protected you not only from dangers seen, but unseen dangers too. Fear not. I am with you and greater than anything or anyone you may encounter.

Please do not be ashamed of Me. My Son, Jesus, was not ashamed of you. And because My Son willingly answered and fulfilled His call, unashamed of Me, His Father, you now have the gift of eternal life. In the same way, please do not be ashamed of Me, your Father, so that others too may accept the gift of eternal life as you have.

From the Throne,

Your Father, God.



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