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Introducing “Motivation and Inspiration” at P&W

Out of all the questions I’m asked at and about P&W, the question I receive the most is almost always regarding where I find inspiration. How do I stay inspired and motivated enough to not only encourage myself, but others too.

So I decided to add a new column at P&W, on which I’ll post every Monday on finding inspiration and motivating yourself.

So let’s begin, shall we?

1.Get New Eyes:

Right now with the Olympics going on it’s relatively easy to feel inspired. We see athletes striving hard to obtain a gold medal, and many of them have heart-touching stories on how their careers evolved.

But when we don’t have “great people” (in quotations because everyone can be great) to be inspired by, we tend to lose our motivation.

So here’s the quick fix to this problem…

Learn to view your surroundings differently. “Little people” are great too. Be inspired by the single mom or dad holding it all together; the woman who lost her job, but continues to never lose hope; allow a jogger you see inspire you to work out and be healthy.

There’s always something to be inspired by. Sometimes, you just have to change your glasses!

2. Events

This weekend past, I walked by a homeless lady whose child was sleeping on her shoulder as they sat on the city’s sidewalk. Having compassion, I tried talking to the woman to see how I could help her. Even if I could only offer encouragement I was determined to do so.

Unfortunately, I hit a brick wall: I spoke to her for 10 seconds and realized there was a language barrier between us. This event saddened me, but it also motivated me to brush up on my Spanish skills and research how I can better help those in need.

3. Places

Specific places can cause us to be inspired but again, we may have to change our eyes to see it.

Being in the city allows me to constantly be bombarded with people unlike myself. It’s like being at the UN. I’m inspired by other cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Ironically, the second place I find most inspiring is the beach (or a lake). The tranquility the atmosphere creates calms my mind. It’s rejuvenating. I can hear my own thoughts clearly and be inspired by the simple pleasures in life.

Think of two places you find inspiring. Perhaps you aren’t near a city or beach, that’s fine. Find out what places are best for you. Sometimes, I create my own little haven. I’ll throw on some soft music, clear my mind, and reflect on what I can draw inspiration from.

4. Time of Day

I never thought about what time of day I’m most inspired by until a lady I met, named Laura, asked me several days ago. She inquired, “At what time do you get the most inspiration?  Is it during the day? Evening? When?” While I always knew my peak times and aim to work during them, I never labeled it as my “inspiration hour”.

I feel the most inspired and creative in the early morning, generally between 5am – 11am, or in the late night hours, 1:30am – 3:30am. I do find inspiration at other times, but it is during these hours in which most of my greatest plans, visions, and creative ideas are birthed.

As Emerson put it plainly, “Know thyself.” Know what works best for you and when.

Now I’m interested. Where do you find inspiration?

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