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How God Used Me and My Enemy

It amazes me how marvelous and mighty God works. I’ll never forget when God chose to shine His glory through me and someone I once called my enemy.

In one of my classes in middle school  this girl D—(to protect her name) and I never got along. I never had anything against her, but I remember when I came back to school after having surgery she would make mean remarks about how I limped around and would push me, seeing I already couldn’t walk correctly. 

And after being in the same class with her for an entire year, I found out next year in seventh grade we would reencounter. We did talk every now-and-then, but we still weren’t too fond of each other. 

Then, one day, all the girls in my class were asked to create a Christian dance (I attended a Christian academy). All the girls, that is, except D— for whatever reason.

At lunch when all the girls were practicing, she would sit alone and upset with the boys. As much as I wanted to dislike her, I felt bad for her. I didn’t believe it was correct for her not to be included. I made a decision: I stopped dancing. Oh, the teacher was furious. How could I stop dancing because of one girl? It was just something I felt compelled to do.

To shorten a long story, an opportunity arose for D— and I. We ended up creating our own praise dance together and were invited to several churches and outreaches. All were extremely blessed. At one particular outreach they even collected an offering for us. It was completely unexpected. 

Until this day D— and I aren’t the best of friends, however, we don’t hate each other. We can actually stop and have a good conversation. 

Yet, the focus isn’t on how good or bad our relationship was and still is. The focus is how God took two enemies, had one to bless the other, and through the circumstance, revealed His glory to several congregations.

It can still be difficult for me to bless my enemies sometimes but I keep this story in mind. I keep thinking that maybe, if I just let go of myself, get over the resentment, and walk in love as God called me to, His glory will shine even brighter than it did before.

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