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Have you tried God?

We’ll give sex a chance. We’ll give drugs a chance. We’ll give money and men and women a chance. We fill our bodies with medication and allow the gods of our lives to get a chance.

And yet, we reject God who has His hands stretched forth toward us in love. We will give almost everything and everyone a chance in this world to heal the pain, to bring us love, to complete the emptiness and brokenness and voids we carry — all, that is, except God.

It really breaks my heart that we will we permit the very things which are breaking us a part to take root in our souls because we’re too stubborn, too prideful, too rebellious, and too apathetic to allow the one true God to intervene in our lives.

The one true God who wants to restore us. The one true God who has the ability to heal every broken heart, every shattered soul, to mend all broken dreams, and revive lost hope. The one true God who says: I don’t care about what you’ve done, or where you’ve been — I still love you in spite of your mess — regardless of your past and present. The one true God who created us to live holy and respectable lives as He is holy. The one true God who upholds us to righteousness not because He’s being harsh, but because He wants us to resemble Him in image and in character. The one true God who is faithful and just to restore us into victory and into holiness if we just come to Him.

Don’t you get it? Can’t you see it? God just wants you. He loves you so much.

You’ve allowed everything else into your life. But, how about God? Will you try God today?

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