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Godless Deposits ≠ Godly Returns

We all want God to bless us — and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

IMG_2281The issue is this:

Many of us seek Godly returns after we’ve sown in godless investments.

  • We abuse scriptures declaring and decreeing how God will give us the desires of heart, without first delighting ourselves in Him.
  • We speak and expect God to give us increase, without seeking first His Kingdom and righteousness.
  • We desire for God to establish and succeed our plans, but we refuse to commit those plans to Him.

How then can we expect to reap that which we have not sown?

We cannot expect to reap a harvest full of crops from seeds we have not planted any more than we can expect godly returns on our godless deposits.

As we pray to receive the blessings found in Scripture may we stand on them fully and rightfully. May we not proclaim the blessings without investing the necessary work.

If you aren’t receiving the results you are waiting on God for, ask yourself: “Am I pursuing God’s righteousness and doing His will and His work?” If not, today is the perfect opportunity to do so!

And if you have faithfully been depositing seeds of faith, but haven’t seen a harvest don’t become discouraged. Continue having faith that in due time, the blessing you are awaiting for will come.

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