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God in Your Morning — Released Today!

My book, God in Your Morning, released today!

God in Your Morning

It is available for purchase on, Barnes & Nobles, and Kobo.

Here’s the book description:

God woke you up. And although He thought of you this morning, did you think of Him? He thought of you when He made the sun shine through your window, the birds sing at your door, and breathed new air onto the air. He did this because He loves you. His request: you invite Him to be part of your day.

In her uplifting and wisdom-packed devotional, Ashley Ormon invites her readers to welcome God into their morning daily. Written for the new, mature, and non-Christian, God in Your Morning teaches readers how to:

* Develop a mindset of peace, joy, and empowerment
* Include God in their day — even on a busy schedule
* Be inspired by each and every morning

Our mornings are important, and how we start them affects the outcome of our day. So why not start yours the right way: with God.

After purchasing, if you’d like your eBook autographed click the picture below:

Get your eBook copy autographed


I hope and pray you enjoy the book!

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If you don’t have a physical eReader you can download Amazon’s free Kindle app:

  • For your phone (Blackberry, Android, iPhone, etc.)
  • For your PC
  • For your Mac
  • For your iPad, iPod, Tablets, etc.

All at this link here.

With our ever-growing technology based lifestyles, I wanted an all-digital book. However, I am considering a print edition, but do not have a date for it. Any updates on this will appear here, on Proverbs & Wisdom, and our social media pages.

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