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God in Your Morning: Released (Almost)

I am super excited! My first book, God in Your Morning, is releasing Friday, February 1st, 2013. Before I tell you where to get it, I’ll tell you what it’s about.

About God in Your Morning:

 God in Your Morning is a well-written, wisdom-packed and uplifting devotional. It will help you be filled with peace, joy and hope. As you read, expect your days to unfold beautifully and see your life change for the best as you digest its truths. I give this 10 thumbs up! I can’t wait to read Ashley’s next devotional!”

—Serge Roux-Levrat, Principal Ambassador of SRL Ministries,

Author of Spiritually Stronger in 40 days!

It’s always relevant…

The last thing I wanted to create was a devotional no one finished, or felt if they missed a day, were off course.

  • You can begin on the 1st, 17th, or 31st of the month and the days are always relevant
  • If you miss a day, you’re never off track
  • It isn’t a one year devotional, making it more achievable to complete

It’s more than a morning Bible study…

The concept for God in Your Morning wasn’t solely to create a morning devotional.

Its purpose:

  • To help people creative a mindset of peace, joy, love, and empowerment
  • Designed not to “spiritually handicap” you in depending on a devotional to seek God
  • Teaches you how to include God in your morning — even on a busy schedule
  • The mission: after completing the book, spending time with God will be a part of your lifestyle

Of course, the devotional includes the regular:

  • Scriptures
  • Prayer
  • And as the reviewer said, “wisdom-packed” readings

Sounds great, but I don’t have the time…

Simply put, if we don’t have time to spend at least 10 minutes with God every morning than we are too busy. God wakes you up every single day. Including Him in our mornings should be a priority and necessity.

I know we have busy mornings. Getting ready for work, school, putting children on the school bus, getting our Starbucks (or Dunkin’ Donuts) before work. I had all of this in mind while writing.

Each devotional is a good length. Long enough to spend time with God, but short enough so even if you live an on-the-go lifestyle, you’ll still have time.

Who the book is for…

“I highly recommend this well-written, inspiring devotional. No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, you will be blessed by this book.”

—Amanda Beth author of You Can Have a Happy Family and The LOVE Walk

This is book is for:

  1. The new Christian
  2. The mature Christian
  3. The non-churchgoers

Most importantly, this book is for anyone and everyone who wants God in their morning. Actually, I dedicated the book to these people — the ones desiring to have God with them every morning.

Where can I buy it?

The eBook will be available on Friday, February 1st, 2013. For all my Nook friends, Barnes & Nobles’ website a week later.

I don’t have an eReader. Will there be a print edition?

If you don’t have a physical eReader you can download Amazon’s free Kindle app:

  • For your phone (Blackberry, Android, iPhone, etc.)
  • For your PC
  • For your Mac
  • For your iPad, iPod, Tablets, etc.

All at this link here.

With our ever-growing technology based lifestyles, I wanted an all-digital book. However, I am considering a print edition, but do not have a date for it. Any updates on this will appear here, on Proverbs & Wisdom, and our social media pages.

Last words…

It’s an honor to have this published. I wrote it not for the money, or even to get published. I wrote it to help people become closer to God and to start experiencing His love from the moment they wake up. It is my hope and prayer for God in Your Morning to achieve this. God bless you always.

P.S. If you buy the book, I’d love for you to review it and share it with others! Shoot me an email too with your thoughts.

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