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Getting New Year’s Resolutions to Work

New Year’s resolutions were never something I was fond about. Many say “when the new year comes I’ll do this, I’ll do that” and normally, they never do. Therefore, I never have resolutions.

However, last year, I broke my “not-having-resolutions” rule. I create one, but only one resolution: to turn my “I will” into “I did.” For all the positive things I said I will do, I made sure I did them. And you know what? I’ve accomplished a lot.

(I think I’ll hang onto this resolution for next year too—although I think I made it into a habit already).

So whether you’re among the people who make new year resolutions, or like me who don’t make them at all, try this:

Write down a list of everything you said “I will’’ to and keep it. Then, when next year comes, work on crossing the “will” into “did.”

How to Create an “I Will-I DID” List


will did become closer to God.

will did receive a financial increase.

will did lose x amount of pounds.

will did open up my own business.

will did get my degree.

will did become a better person.

will did start enjoying my craft more.

With the few days left we have of 2011, forget about new year resolutions. Create an “I WILL” list and make sure this time next year, it will have become your “I DID” list.


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