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Finding strength, but afraid

Just for a minute, ask yourself this one question: “What would my life look like if I gave God the very thing I’m afraid to let go of?”


Fear is something I know much about because I struggled with it during my childhood. I felt victimized by an unfortunate circumstance and from that, a series of negative battles awaited me. Some I overcame after a while. Others — like fear, trust and doubt — lingered.

So when it came to trusting God and truly believing what He could do, I gave into my fears and doubted Him. I grew up knowing the Lord, but had convinced myself God wasn’t for me. Or rather, I wasn’t for Him.

And, I guess it wouldn’t have been so bad if my victimizing situation didn’t occur within the four walls of the church. Yes, I knew bad things happened to good people. Even young and innocent children, too. But honestly, how could I trust God with my heart when the enemy attacked it in a place that was supposed to inhabit His presence?

Yet, as I matured into a teenager and almost reached my young adult years, the same question continued burning in my heart: “What would my life look like if I gave God the very thing I’m afraid to let go of?”

Then, it happened. Almost 10 years after harboring doubtful thoughts, living in fear, and the inability to trust I let go and I gave it to God.

Letting go wasn’t easy either. Once God delivers us, we have to fight and try hard to stay delivered. We have to be conscious that once we drop our burdens, our hurts, our issues at the feet of Jesus to leave them there.

It’s so easy when the unknown comes to run back to what we’re used to — even if what we were used to caused us harm, or heartbreak. It can be scary giving God what you’ve grown accustomed to having. There’s the thought of, “What if I’m entering into something worse than what I’m leaving?” “What if I’m really not for God?”

However, I’ve learned it is not clenched fists, but open palms that receive the biggest blessings. Why? Because open hands toward God always have more room than fists clenching onto ourselves.

Today, I celebrate the ability to finally have open palms. I celebrate being able to stop holding on, and experience the freedom the of letting go. I celebrate knowing what my life looks like when I give God what I’m afraid to let go of and sacrifice. Sometimes, we have to let go of what we have in our hands in order for God to give us what’s in His. 


Life may be difficult. Giving God our burdens may feel seemingly impossible. Yet, know this: there is no greater freedom than being released from a burden you were never meant to carry. We waste so much time fighting battles we were never meant to fight.

Right now can be the moment you start living in freedom. Ask yourself: “What would my life look like if I gave God the very thing I’m afraid to let go of?”

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