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We released a new issue of IN THE LIGHT Magazine this week! Now, I’m know I’m slightly biased, but I believe it’s safe to say it’s our best issue yet.

(Read the magazine here at


The magazine received a wealth of encouragement since our last issue. We didn’t take this lightly and we published many of your comments in our current one. (Oh, and if you attended any events we reported at this year, your picture may be on one of our pages as well. Just a heads up.)

We were even blessed to have it reach India (but to not repeat the story, you can find the details and photos in the issue.)

Check the issue out at

This issue features Samuel Gali, a professional musician who decided to use his music to heal lives, much like King David did in the Bible.

We talk about the global water crisis, and how people like us can change it without even leaving our homes. We were blessed to interview charity: water — they’ve appeared in The New York Times, RELEVANT magazine, Vogue, and just about every major media outlet there is. The cause they stand for is pretty noteworthy, and affects millions of lives.

There’s also a cool feature on how the internet has affected how we abide by Jesus’ words to “go out and preach the Gospel” too.

In any case, I don’t want to spoil the issue for you. I encourage you to read it, share it, and let us know what you thought! After all, we are writing to bless you.

(It’s available for free at

In His Grace,

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