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Encourage one person today

Story after story. Positive word after positive word.

It seems all too crazy to fathom the idea that next month Proverbs & Wisdom will be running for six years.

If you are new to us, then perhaps this is all the beginning. If you are the seasoned journey-person who has sailed with us along stormy waters and sweet sunsets, you know Wednesdays have always been our “go-to” day for posting a word of encouragement.

However, today is slightly different. Today, we are encouraging you to encourage someone. Maybe for you encouraging someone means telling your significant other they are appreciated. Perhaps it is telling a child in your life they are powerful and brilliant. For others, encouraging someone means going to work as the CEO or manager and reinforcing the positives your team brings to the company each day. To many, being an encouragement simply means smiling at a stranger and taking the time to listen when you ask someone, “How are you today?”

Whatever being an encouragement means, or giving encouragement is to you today do so. Be a light. Treat everyone with kindness. Let go of judgments and prejudices. Love much. Forgive always. Smile often. Take the extra minute to stop and listen to someone’s concerns, their fears, their hopes and dreams. You never know how your positivity can alter the direction of someone’s day.

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