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P&W Is Closing (For the Year)

It is with bitter-sweetness I write this.

That first line isn’t necessarily how I intended—or wanted—to begin, but Proverbs & Wisdom has always prided itself on transparency, integrity, and truth.


Almost seven years ago Proverbs & Wisdom not only opened its doors, but also its heart to those who have become our beloved community. Together—you and I—have placed art supplies into hospitalized children’s hands, gave words of love to our troops, and banded together to raise awareness on foster care and adoption. It has been a fantastic time bringing back good and sowing into each life we have encountered. There has not been a prayer request turned away, a soul left without encouragement, or a heart to whom we have not offered loved.

We have met with you in-person when you needed a friend, prayed alongside you for illnesses to be healed, exams to be passed, and your children to return home. We rejoiced when emails came rushing in of how we helped steer someone away from suicide, lifted them in their depression, provided hope in despair.

It has been awesome hearing your stories; they have served as a great encouragement to myself, Susan, and the entire P&W team. We opened our lives to bless and encourage, yet from it we received joy beyond expectation. Gratitude and humility blanket our hearts for all you have done.

While all this is marvelous and uniquely splendid in its own way, it is also tiring. Yes, it is ministry and being positive is uplifting. However, ministry is work and who does not need a time of rest? A time to reflect on what is good, what should be improved, and enjoy the fleeting seconds God has graced us?

Ministry is work.

The team at Proverbs & Wisdom has decided to do this: take a break. We are calling this our “early Sabbatical.” It is with bitter-sweetness because we will miss writing our weekly articles, the charity drives, and being surrounded by such great love. We do look forward to pausing, having our cups refilled from pouring out so deeply, and noticing what God has next for our personal lives and here, at P&W. It’s an exciting time.

We encourage you all to continue being a person who shows grace, gives love, and pours hope into the people you meet. Our website will remain up-and-running for your perusal, and our social media feeds will still be present.

Always pour hope into others.

If you’d like to keep up with Susan and I during our Sabbatical, you can find us on our personal websites. Susan provides great recipes, poems, book reviews, and daily living tips on her website at I’ll be active on where I write on writing, publishing, and living life as a freelancer.

From our hearts to yours, you are appreciated and oh, so dearly loved. We hope to see you in 2018 when we return from this next chapter in our journey.


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