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Bought With Blood

Very rarely anyone will die for a righteous person, but to ask someone to die for a guilty person is almost impossible (Romans 5:7). Christ, who was innocent, died for us while we were condemned, undeserving, and guilty of all wrongs. We know that Christ was innocent because Judas, who betrayed Jesus, told the Pharisees “I have betrayed the innocent blood (Matt. 27:4).” Pilate, who could find no fault in Christ, said “I am innocent of the blood of this just person (Matt. 27:24).  And lastly, even as Christ hung on the cross, a thief who hung beside him said Christ had not done anything wrong (Luke 23:41).
It is necessary for us to understand that by the innocence of Christ’s blood we can be made righteous. Before Judas admitted Christ was innocent he said in the open court “I have sinned”. His words demonstrated that we are all imperfect and can only be made perfect through someone who is—Jesus Christ. Judas confession confirms that we are all guilty, we have all sinned, and because of it we are not perfect.
Matthew 27:7-8 explains what the money to betray Jesus was used for. Knowing that the 30 pieces of silver was used for Christ’s blood, the Pharisees decided to purchase a burial place for foreigners and indigent people.  Adam Clarke said it best in his commentary stating:
“The bodies of strangers have a place of rest in the field purchased by the price at which his [Jesus] life was valued, and the souls of strangers and foreigners have a place of rest and refuge in his blood which was shed as a ransom price for the salvation of the whole world.”*
As you enter this week celebrating the Resurrection of Christ (Easter), understand that you were bought at a price. Know that your life was not paid with silver or gold, but with blood—the innocent blood of Jesus Christ—so that you may be saved and in Him, be pure and righteous before God.
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