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Blessing People Around You

Blessing Your Friends & People Around You
It’s that time again when we release the new theme for the week! I hope your family was really blessed by what you did for them since the last time we met. If you have a story to share with us about it, contact us.
Family isn’t the only ones we ought to be blessing though.  Spread the love and generosity around in continuing a chain of blessings! On the blog, we’ll show you different ways to put smiles on the faces of your friends, co-workers, associates, and strangers alike. They are simple ways that don’t require much effort, but remember it’s the little things that count!

Starting this week, we are also introducing something new: Sunday Delights. Every Sunday we will post a brief article that will help you begin your day out with God.
To ensure that you don’t miss a post, subscribe via e-mail to the right. In confirming your subscription you’re automatically blessing someone. How? For every subscriber at the end of August we’ll be donating .66 cents to Spreading  JOY’s Back 2 School drive to help children receive their school supplies this fall!
Continue to walk in His favor,

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