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Why does the Bible have so many rules?

For a long time the Bible seemed like a list of  “don’t dos” and “can’t dos” to me.

I mean think about it…

  • It discourages heavy drinking
  • Don’t hate your enemies (even when you want to)
  • Don’t seek revenge
  • No premarital sex

The list goes on.

And it wasn’t until later that I realized this is the wrong perspective concerning God’s instruction. You see, God will never advise you to do anything incorrect. God knows what is right and desires the absolute best for your life.


Whenever you refuse what God tells you to do or has for you, you’re rejecting the best you could ever obtain.

God is perfect in all His ways. He’s Alpha and Omega — knowing the beginning and the end. As we read the Bible and see different “rules” and “don’t dos” keep in mind they aren’t to benefit God. They are to help you. God is God all by Himself. He always was, always is, and always will be.

Today I challenge you to read the Bible with a renewed mind. A mind that understands God’s instructions are not simply rules and regulations, but guidance on how to be holy as He is.

I encourage you to revisit the “rules” you struggle most with. And pray to God to reveal to your heart His purpose for upholding you to that standard.


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