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Before You, God

In the final post of September’s look at our scars, doubts, and other issues dealing with Healing and Rebirth, I think it’s important to stress that ultimately hope in these trials and tribulations will never be found outside of God.  And though as you travel down life’s path, unable to see the end of the trail, there may be times of hurt and pain that come as a shock to you, remember that nothing surprises God.  He knew everything about you and everything that will ever happen to you, both good and bad, long before He ever made you, and in that there’s incredible hope.  Here’s why:
–  Before He formed you in the womb, He knew you. (Jeremiah 1:5)
–  Before you messed everything up, He planned to fix it. (Revelation 13:8)
–  Before you lost your way, He planned to find you. (Luke 15:4)
–  Before you got sick, He prepared to heal you. (Isaiah 53:5)
–  Before you lost it all, He promised to give it back and then some. (Matthew 19:29)
–  Before you chose Him, He chose you. (John 15:16)
–  Before you loved Him, He loved you. (1 John 4:19)
And in those trials and tribulations, in your deepest hurt and darkest hours, when you keep God ever before you, you will never be forsaken.  He is ever faithful, ever loving, and ever true.  Those who wait on Him will never be put shame.  Glory to the Everlasting God forever and ever! Amen.
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