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Are You Self-Confident?

How is your self-esteem and self-confidence these days?  When you look in the mirror everymorning, do you give yourself a pep talk? Do you try to psyche yourself up for the day to come?
Do you give yourself a little wink, pat your back, and saythings like, “Hey good looking, you can do this!  Today is your day”?
That seems to be what today’s society is pushing ustoward.  Find me a child over 10that hasn’t had a teacher or a parent tell them “you can do anything you wantas long as you put your mind to it,” and I’ll give you a nickel.
And yet in the same breath that our society worships self-esteemand self-confidence, they worship ridiculous body-images in supermodels andactors/actresses.  In the samebreath, our society worships ridiculous success stories like Bill Gates orSteve Jobs.  In the same breath,our society worships ridiculous stereo-types, putting certain classes and racesabove others.  
And when we realize we can’t reach any of these lofty goalsno matter how much we’ve put our mind to it, we start to put our confidence inother things more easily attainable.
Is it any wonder that young people today bury themselves invideo games and online communities where achievable goals and welcoming socialstratums actually exist? These are the places where their self-confidence isbuilt and, by proxy, what they put their confidence in.
Maybe you find yourself in this situation, or maybe you’veput your confidence in food, diets, clothes, cars, money, retirement, yourfamily, your work, your neighbors, politics, the news, alcohol, drugs, the listcan go on and on.
But do you want to know what the secret of self-confidenceis?
It has to do with wisdom, which begins with the fear of theLord. (Proverbs9:10)  When you seek wisdom, “theLORD will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.” (Proverbs3:26) Wisdom is not putting your confidence in your self or in things thatwill build your self-confidence, but putting your confidence in God alone.
There is no wisdom in high self-esteem or beingself-confident because these words are just synonyms for pride.  Put yourconfidence in God, the only One who is worthy and able to complete the goals Hehas for your life.  Teach yourchildren not to do anything they want with their life, but to find the thingthat God wants them to do and to hold nothing back in achieving that goal.
Then you will walk in your way securely. And your foot willnot stumble. When you lie down, you will not be afraid; When you lie down, yoursleep will be sweet. (Proverbs3:23-24)

Stephen Phillip Porter

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