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April Daily Challenges

These are all the daily challenges for April. They are all things the Bible calls us to do and it is my hope by doing them you become a better person.

This month April’s overall challenge is to become wiser.

Today’s Challenge: April 30 2012

Pick a daily challenge from this month and do it.

If you’ve missed a daily challenge or didn’t do too well on one of them, this is an opportunity to go back and retry it. God bless.

Today’s Daily Challenge: April 29 2012

Evaluate your life. If this is something that you would still like to improve, try doing to today.

Today’s Daily Challenge: April 27 2012
Research something you’ve always wanted to know. You’ll become more knowledgeable and have something different to share with others!

Today’s Daily Challenge: April 26 2012
Have self-control.

Do you lack self-control in any area of your life? Overeating, cursing, and lacking anger management are all part of not having self-control. Today, try to be IN control of your life. Try not to overeat, change your language, and stay calm. Whatever it is, don’t allow it to control you– you control it. This will take time, but bad habits cannot be changed unless you do something about it. Remember that all things are possible, you can achieve, and only you are in control of your life.

Today’s Daily Challenge: April 25 2012

Don’t be a “Monday Morning Christian”. Don’t let your praise and joy that you had in church Sunday leave you as you enter into a new week. Continue to follow Christ in everything you do.

Today’s Daily Challenge: April 24 2012

Celebrate Jesus! Thank Him for dying on the cross for you. Have a blessed and joyful Resurrection Sunday.

Today’s Daily Challenge: April 23 2012

Rejoice in all things.

Be happy! Look at everything good there is in life and be happy about it. Go through today with an attitude of joy. If you get upset, don’t let it last too long. Get over it and go back to having a positive and joyful attitude.

Today’s Daily Challenge: April  22 2012

Let today be a stress free day. Eliminate unnecessary stress from your life, keep things simple, and don’t set unrealistic goals. A stress free life is healthier, will keep you happier, and allow you to feel better about life.

Today’s Daily Challenge: April 21 2012

So many times we pray and if we don’t receive our blessing, our answer, our need or desire quick enough we give up or doubt. Be hopeful and trust God that in due time, He will provide you with your needs and desires.

Today’s Daily Challenge: April 20 2012

Click here to view today’s challenge.

Today’s Daily Challenge: April 19 2012


Finish the task that you started. Stick it out and try your hardest to achieve it. Don’t give up because it’s taking too long to finish or it’s too hard to do. Remember that you can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens you. All things are possible for those who believe.

Today’s Daily Challenge: April 18 2012

Practice bearing fruits of the Spirit. If you have trouble doing them all, choose one to do. Don’t know what the fruits of the Spirit are? Click here.

Today’s Daily Challenge: April 17 2012

Read Psalm 103.

Pay special attention to the verses that have the words you, your, us and our in them. What do they say about you?

Today’s Challenge: April 16 2012

Commit everything you do to God.

Proverbs 16:3 says if you commit everything you do to God, your plans will succeed. Ask God to help you as you make your plans, while you are working, and that He may give you guidance. If you seek Him for instruction He will help you.

Today’s Challenge: April 15 2012

Manage your time.

Time management is a good skill to have. For those who feel that have mastered it, try to become more efficient. There is always room for improvement. Managing your time will also give you more time to do the things you want to do.

Today’s Challenge: April 14 2012 

Spend at least 10 minutes reading God’s word.

How can you be a doer of the Word if you don’t know God’s Word? (Reading the book of Proverbs and Matthew are always a good place to start.)

Today’s Challenge: April 13 2012

Watch your words.

Speak words of life. How do expect good things to happen if you speak negatively? This includes trying not to curse. Think: they are CURSE words. Are you proclaiming curses over yourself and others? If you watch what you say you can have better control of your life. Proverbs 13:2-3 says those who control their words can guard their life.

Today’s Challenge: April 12 2012

Encourage someone in your phone book.

Go through your phone book. Pick one person (or more) and encourage them. Let them know that you are supporting all the good things in their life, that they can achieve and can overcome. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation, maybe five minutes or less. Just give them a call (or text) saying you thought about them and wanted to wish them well. You’ll be surprised by how much this could help them. (It may be best if you chose someone you rarely talk to.)

Today’s Challenge: April 11 2012

Be kind.

Don’t be rude to people, especially without a reason to be. Help someone that may need help, give useful advice, smile, and be gentle. You may realize that when you are kind to others, they’ll be kind to you in return.

Today’s Challenge: April 10 20112

Pray for someone.

Pray for someone you know or even someone you just met. Ask that God does His will in their life and if they haven’t accepted Jesus that they will. You may also add anything else to your prayer.

Today’s Challenge: April 9 2012

Have a talk with God.

Communication in any relationship is important, including your relationship with God. Set aside a specific time when you can just talk to God without any distractions. If you are unsure what to talk about thank Him for all He has done in your life. Ask Him to make you better, to become (or stay) righteous in His eyes, and that you may never leave His presence. Talk to God about your life and what’s happening in it. I am sure He’ll love to hear you have to say.

Today’s Challenge: April 8 2012

Free your mind.

Free your mind from all negativity, all thoughts of depression, all thoughts that are not of good merit. If you change your thinking you will see that your life too, will change.

Today’s Challenge: April 7 2012

Have faith in God. (Mark 11:22)

Our Christian belief is based upon faith. It is by faith that we can believe in God and it is by faith that we can be saved by Christ’s blood.

Today’s Challenge: April 6 2012

Speak for those who lack a voice.

Proverbs 31:8 tells us to speak for those who lack a voice. If you see or know anyone that needs help in any way try to help them.

Today’s Challenge: April 5 2012

Through all things persevere.

James 1:2-4 tells us that if we learn to persevere in all things we will lack nothing and be fully mature. So don’t be defeated by your circumstances, let whatever you’re going through make you stronger. Because through perseverance we gain character and hope (Romans 5:3-4).

Today’s Challenge: April 4 2012

Guard your heart.

Proverbs 4:23 instructs us to guard our heart because from it comes out “the issues of life”. Along with it being one of the most vital parts of our bodies, Matthew 15:19 tells us that what defiles us comes from our heart. It is not our minds that get us into sin, for as we think in our hearts, so are we (Prov. 23:7). So if we have love, peace, and goodness our lives will reflect that. Likewise, if we have evil thoughts, we will represent that too. So what are you to do? Apply your heart to instruction (Prov. 23:12) and above all else guard your heart.

Today’s Challenge: April 3 2012

Let love and faithfulness never leave you.

Proverbs 3:3-4 says that we are to make faithfulness and love a part of our lifestyle. Show love to others and be faithful and truthful in everything. The second half of the verse explains to us that if we do this, we will gain favor in the sight of God and man. Now wouldn’t that be nice!

Today’s Challenge: April 2 2012

Be humble.

God rewards the humble, but prideful people are lead to destruction. If you maintain a humble attitude, God will honor you.


Today’s Challenge: April 1 2012

Read Proverbs 1.

Today’s challenge is unusual than those from the previous month. It is important that in becoming wise, you understand the foundation of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. By reading Proverbs chapter one, you’ll have that foundation. Later within the day, I will post an article explaining this chapter.

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