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Augusts’ Theme
Isn’t it great receiving blessings from God? He is so good to us all. It makes me smile thinking God wants to bring goodness into my life daily.
This month, our theme is “31 Ways to be a Blessing”. As God blesses us, we are to bless others. Our concentration will be on discussing and teaching you ways to help others at home, work, school, and anywhere else you may be.
Helping others is not difficult. It is simple if you can train yourself to become self-less. During August if you encounter individuals who take your kindness for granted and leave you without a “thank you” ask yourself this: have you thanked God today for all the blessings He’s given you? Have you taken anything He’s done for granted? Regardless of it all, doesn’t He continue blessing you?
As we end our summer, let’s ignite a chain reaction. While God blesses us at Proverbs & Wisdom, we will bless you; as we bless you, may you bless someone else. Remember that we reap what we sow!
Besides our blog, we will be posting “little blessings” on our Twitter and Facebook pages, so be on the lookout for them.
I am looking forward to this month. I believe in a wonderful God, one who takes care of all those who love Him. May we all experience His blessings in full abundance in August!
P.S. For every subscriber we have at the end of August we will be donating .66 cents (USD) to SpreadingJOY Corportation, a non-profit organization established to bring happiness to others. The money we will donate will be used for their Back 2 School Drive. It will allow children who cannot afford school supplies to have everything they need when they return to school this fall. Please be a part of it by subscribing and even inviting friends and family to! .66 cents may not seem like much, but ‘lots of subscribers can turn something small into something big! Here is Spreading JOY’s website
Thank you.
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