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When Thoughts Poison Your Lifestlye

To me, a better lifestyle all begins within the depths of one’s mind. I find it impossible to do positive and receive better results in my life if my thinking isn’t aligned with what I am trying to accomplish. Now although there are many aspects of what people may consider better and righteous living, I believe they both begin the same way—with a person’s thought process.

I am sure that this is one of the reasons Philippians 4:8 tell us to think about things that are noble, lovely, admirable, pure, and praiseworthy. Until our thoughts are aligned with what we want to do, we will constantly struggle to live better.

This concept is also seen in dieting or trying to win a race. You can’t tell yourself “I can’t” expecting that you can. It just won’t work. Likewise, to live better and to maintain a righteous lifestyle your thoughts too, must be better and righteous.

I know here on Proverbs & Wisdom we only have one challenge per week, but I am going to ask you or perhaps even challenge you to do something. Today, tomorrow, this week, and even for the rest of your life, try to think positive. Think about the things stated in Philippians 4:8. If you have a comment to say to someone ask yourself, is it noble? Lovely? Pure? Or praiseworthy?  This doesn’t mean you can’t provide useful criticism, but it does mean that your words shouldn’t be impure before God.

Having better and righteous thoughts also means refraining from plotting wickedness such as: forming a lie, thinking lustfully, and plotting to harm or cheat someone out of something. Remember that your thoughts are to be pure and praiseworthy. I believe those are the two most important characteristics noted in this scripture. Why? Because if it is pure before God, it is pleasing to Him and if it is praiseworthy and notable in God’s eyes, it is OK to think about it.

Getting your thoughts aligned to how you want to live isn’t easy. I’ve been trying to for quite some time and even though I’ve gotten better, sometimes I still fall short. The reason I continue trying though is because it pleases God for me to do so.

I’m not sure how many unbelievers are reading this, but in case you aren’t trying to please God this still can help you. Try changing your thinking and I am sure with time, you’ll see great results. If you don’t believe me consider this: have you ever been depressed? Why? You were depressed because something happened and the THOUGHTS that came with it made you upset. Today, great populations of children are suffering with depression. When asked why, many children responded they “thought there weren’t good enough”, “everyone at school thinks they’re stupid”, and they couldn’t envision a better life because their mindset wasn’t producing positive thinking.

Today, I can encourage you to make a change. It is the only way you can actually improve. Change your life by changing the way you think of your life. Change your unrighteous lifestyle but thinking righteous thoughts. If you can manage to do this, you are almost certain to begin a beautiful path of a better, happier, life.

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