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When Life Knocks You Down

The past year of my life has definitely had some major challenges. I have been tested spiritually, emotionally and financially. Every time I turned around it seemed as if doors were being shut in my face, or I was attending loved-ones. I was constantly doing what I could to stay afloat.

I was mentally exhausted!

Most days I would pray, asking God to remove the situation because I was tired of colliding into difficulty.

And then, I started fighting back. I refused to allow my situations to have victory over me. I began quoting scripture, listening to podcast, reading and studying the Word of God, believing better would come. (Or at least I hoped so.)

More issues and problems still came my way. I thought, why am I attracting these bad situations? What can I do to catch a break? I really wanted a break.

But even though God was quiet, I knew turning my back on Him was not the answer. So I just stayed faithful and began to see the positive side of things.

The Lord brought me to the story of Job, a righteous man who went through many tests. His friends and wife called him crazy. They thought God was out to punish him: his character and health was attacked, he lost property, all his children and much more. Yet, he stayed faithful.

Job’s wife told him he should curse God, but he responded by calling his wife foolish. He understood even in losing everything, he still had Everything: and that was God.

In Job 42:10 God restored all that Job had lost. (Actually, it was twice as much than he originally lost!!!)

How amazing is that?!

Why is this important?

Maybe you relate to my hectic 2016, or your life resembles Job, but the center of both of our stories is God. While I haven’t seen the fruit of certain things, Job’s life gives me hope that by remaining faithful to God He will be sure to restore me. I’ve said it before, this doesn’t make God a magic genie or anything. He always examines our heart’s motives. But I believe he will restore, and give His children hope and a great future if we remain faithful to Him in all things.

Hard to believe? I know. I get it.

Sometimes when you are going through tough times, it’s  hard to believe anything good will ever come out of it. It’s like you’re walking through a tunnel where the light at the end cannot be found. It’s constant wondering and crying, but the frustration will pay off.

I encourage you to read the book of Job for deeper understanding, so that you too will see the beauty of a life lived remaining faithful to the One who loves us.


Be encouraged,


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