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When God Sings Over You

I had an amazing revelation about God and that verse in Zephaniah that says, “The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing” in choir practice last night, but it requires some explanation of how I found myself in the choir in the first place, so this post will be a little longer than my usual.

The story starts with my wife:

I remember the first time I heard my wife sing, long before I had ever even considered dating, much less marrying her.  I was friends with her brother and was visiting him when this amazing soprano voice and piano accompaniment filled the house.  I remember rolling my eyes and saying, “Does your sister have to play her CDs so loud?”

He smiled with some pride in his eyes and replied, “That’s her.  She’s singing.”

I stopped complaining and listened in awe.

But then my wife got sick, and her illness gave her terrible acid reflux that took away her voice. It also gave her terrible arthritis, and she struggled to play the piano or organ.  When we got married, she used to cry a lot about the loss of her abilities.  She was determined to worship God despite the loss, but in every worship service we attended, I could tell she longed to worship the way she used to.

We eventually moved to Texas where it’s warmer, and that lessened the arthritis, so she started playing the organ in our church, but her voice was still gone.

As for me, I’ve never been much of a singer.  In fact I’m pretty bad, but apparently according to my wife and others who’ve heard me, when I truly worship and don’tjust try to hit the notes, my voice sounds pretty good and somehow I actually do hit the notes, so much so that certain women in our church, who shall remain nameless, hounded me every Sunday for a year to join the choir.

And so one day, I knelt and prayed.  I said, “Lord, if you give my wife her voice back, I’ll join the choir”.

Now, I can’t recommend these kinds of prayers.  I mean how does the created make a deal with the Almighty, right?  But for some reason, He answered my prayer, and my wife’s voice miraculously comeback.  (It’s beautiful by the way).  And when I prayed about whether I had to join the choir or not, all the verses about keeping your vows to God came to mind immediately, so I did.

I’ve been singing in the choir for almost a year now, and while I’ve come to love the fellowship and the worship involved in being part of the choir, I still don’t really know why God wants the guy who can’t sing in the choir.

Then last night in practice, the music pastor was doing a devotional with us, and He said, “God doesn’t want good singers.  He created a whole bunch of angels in the heavenly choirs who sing way better than we’ll ever sing.  God wants worshipers, so first and foremost you need to worship when you sing.”

That was huge! It brought things into clarity, and then the God spoke to my heart and said, “The angels are amazing, but you should hear me sing.”

I nearly keeled over.

Part of my testimony is that I came to Christ because God audibly spoke to me.  He said,“Give up those things that you love and follow me.”  It sounded like everything the Bible said it does: rushing water (Ezekiel43:2), multitudes (Daniel 10:6), and the tumult of a great army (Ezekiel 1:24). So every time I see the Ten Commandments with Charlton Hesston or some other Biblical movie and hear that they gave God a deep baritone voice, I laugh a little.

He doesn’t sound like a Sports Caster, He sounds like the Almighty, and there is little comparable to His voice on Earth, though the Biblical metaphors are pretty close. His voice is like 10,000 voices speaking in perfect harmony and unison that seem to come from everywhere and everything and nowhere at the same time.

And even though I knew this about God’s voice, for some reason when I read that verse in Zephaniah about God singing over us, I imagined the Sports Caster baritone singing.  Last night, it clicked that when God sings, it’schoral.  It’s the sound of a choir in perfect harmony: the sound of rushing water in perfect sync, making music that all of creation would be utterly flabbergasted to hear.

And He chooses to use that beautiful unparalleled,unimaginable, unfathomable, unequaled voice to sing over you—over me.

Words fail. Where do I go from there?

I had so longed to hear my wife sing again, and I praise Him for restoring her voice, but now my greater longing is to hear my King sing!

Praise Him! Worship Him!  He alone is worthy!

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