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When Everyone Loves Your Failure

Feelings of Unworthiness

It always seems that people seek to magnify your mistakes rather than the great accomplishments you have achieved. You could have saved a dying person, raised a million dollars for charity, and found the cure for cancer, but if you make a mistake small as a grain of sand, people magnify it to a mountain.
This happens frequently in my life. Sometimes I feel even when I do well, I still do badly. And often times, the great things I’ve done are ruined by the small few mistakes I’ve made along the way. I encounter this even more since I created Proverbs & Wisdom. People watch every move I make and whenever I slip, they make comments such as “You own a Christian website and you did that?” Ever since the launch of this website, people criticize everything I do with more austerity and question how I can have a website such as this.
The issue is, how do you overcome the snide remarks? Is there a way to stop them? While there isn’t a way to control what people say and we can’t stop  being imperfect, we can ensure that their comments do not discourage us. I had to learn to maintain a positive attitude and although people may criticize and judge me, they too, have their imperfections.
It’s difficult to remove and block the feelings of unworthiness when I hear comments like that. When I first started the website I wasn’t sure of everything God wanted me to do. So when others came with comments, I questioned if I was good enough to do the job.
However, along the way I discovered that one of the Devil’s favorite tactics against us is feelings of doubt. That when he can’t change who God is to us, he attempts to alter our perception of who God says we are. He uses doubt to make us feel unworthy, distracting and pulling us away from our God-given destiny because we feel inadequate.
God knows we make mistakes. I think of the disciples’ former lives and how Jesus chose them and called them to be a part of His ministry. I think of how valuable Peter was in Jesus’ eyes and even after denying Christ three times, Jesus still loved, accepted, and encouraged Peter to continue on with the ministry. I think of Paul who once murdered Christians and how God used him to write great letters to cities and Jonah who ran away from God yet was used by Him. I remember Cain who killed his brother Abel and then lied about doing so to God and how God put a covering over Cain so no one would take his life. Time after time, again and again, people who made both big and small mistakes were used greatly by God.
Encourage yourself understanding that God loves you and pre-planned a wonderful calling for you, knowing that you wouldn’t be perfect. Encourage yourself understanding that with Christ, all things are possible. The mistakes I make aren’t done on purpose and I don’t ever try to teach people to do something that I am currently going through or haven’t yet overcome. To do so would make me a hypocrite. I had to teach myself that this is the purpose God has planned for me and despite how many mistakes I make, it will still be planned for me. Even if I choose not to do God’s will, the purpose He created me for will still remain; it will be me who isn’t walking in it.
During those times that people take a magnify glass and put it over your “grains of sand”, smile with confidence understanding God knew you before you were born, including the mistakes you would make. And if He knew you would make mistakes before you were made and still called you, that gives you even a greater reason to be obedient to His will.
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